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Getting started: Release notes

Changelog for Linkurious Enterprise v2.10.14

Release Date: 2021-09-02

Improvements (5)

  • Allow users to disable HTTP gzip compression
  • Improve message when a graph query does not return results
  • Remove beta tag in SVG export
  • Remove edit query button from match view of an alert
  • Support group claim from OpenIDConnect IdP in id and access token

Bug Fixes (8)

  • A user can share a visualization with another user that has no access to the datasource
  • Changes on a property visibility in strict schema are not immediately reflected in the UI
  • Edit query modal closes if an error is thrown without showing the error
  • Export: security issue when exporting data as XLSX or CSV
  • Missing captions in search results from the dashboard
  • Numbers and booleans are not accepted as default values in the enum query template
  • The layout styles are recomputed when opening the visualization
  • Timeline fails to render if a date is set without using the date-picker