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Getting started: Release notes

Changelog for Linkurious Enterprise v2.9.10

Release Date: 2020-11-26

New Features (1)

  • Connect to Neo4j just via Bolt

Improvements (6)

  • Add a version compatibility matrix in the documentation
  • Allow downloading logs even when all data-source are offline
  • Allow multiple bolt+routing addresses for Neo4j
  • Cosmos DB: make it obvious in the UI that "partition key" is required when editing a node/edge
  • Make username and password of ElasticSearch configurable by UI
  • New sand box API doesn't properly manage partial parameters

Bug Fixes (5)

  • Clarify Java requirement in the documentation
  • Document the impact of re-generating a Neo4j database on the "sourceKey"
  • Linkurious can't automatically create Neo4jSearch indices
  • Plugins using backend APIs are not working when HTTPS is enabled
  • The supported serializers for JanusGraph are not documented