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Changelog for Linkurious Enterprise v2.6.4

The release v2.6.4 "Galactic Gingerbread" closes 6 issues.

A total of 221 issues were closed in all v2.6.x versions.

Client changes

New features (7)

  • (v2.6.3) Admin/data Update Neo4jSearch DAO options
  • (v2.6.0) Allow CosmosDB to use the ES and ES2 index DAO
  • (v2.6.0) Time filtering v1: in the filter panel
  • (v2.6.0) Increase undo steps to 50
  • (v2.6.0) Design panel Allow for custom image libraries in the "icon" menu
  • (v2.6.0) Improved search
  • (v2.6.0) Workspace: UI redesign

Enhancements (57)

  • (v2.6.3) Workspace search - small grammar issue
  • (v2.6.3) Anonymise analytics/telemetry data
  • (v2.6.3) Top menu is hard so see in geo mode
  • (v2.6.3) Add "Use HTTPS" toogle for ElasticSearch2 DAO settings
  • (v2.6.3) Run query icon
  • (v2.6.3) Advanced search No margin at the bottom of the action bar
  • (v2.6.3) Advanced search Categories and Properties filter popin don't look the same
  • (v2.6.3) Advanced search Missing action to filter on a key that is not in the schema
  • (v2.6.3) Advanced Search List of properties should populated when opened
  • (v2.6.3) Advanced Search The Categories suggestion list is not alphabetically ordered
  • (v2.6.3) Advanced Search Filters search suggestions on categories and properties should use "starts with"
  • (v2.6.3) Advanced Search List of categories should be populated when opening the filter
  • (v2.6.3) Workspace: Allow user to run a hierarchical layout when there's more than 300 nodes in visualization
  • (v2.6.3) IE11 instanciating ogma takes more than 5 seconds
  • (v2.6.1) Search Add keyboard navigation in result list
  • (v2.6.1) Add a search index option to enable simplified search
  • (v2.6.1) admin/data Refactor JanusGraph form
  • (v2.6.0) Missing documentation on setting a custom icon library
  • (v2.6.0) Node context menu slow to display on super-nodes
  • (v2.6.0) Use preprod documentation links in preprod builds
  • (v2.6.0) Wording: remove and delete actions
  • (v2.6.0) Create Edge modal: confusing switch button and edge arrow
  • (v2.6.0) Touchpad zoom is too sensitive in Workspace
  • (v2.6.0) Workspace layout menu draws attention to radial layout (design error)
  • (v2.6.0) Save As moda: hide the folder section if no folder exists
  • (v2.6.0) Node/edge text background should be white instead of grey
  • (v2.6.0) Advanced Search: click on a selected category should deselected the category
  • (v2.6.0) Missing progress bar on digest request for the Supernode Expand modal
  • (v2.6.0) Workspace zoom in/out buttons look disabled
  • (v2.6.0) Create Edge modal: whitespaces before node labels in source/target options
  • (v2.6.0) Workspace takes 6s to open for 6 nodes, no edges
  • (v2.6.0) Indexation progress bar is broken on JanusGraph
  • (v2.6.0) Search results: do not truncate tags on lines with a single tag
  • (v2.6.0) Guest Mode Notification wording
  • (v2.6.0) Workspace : Missing notifications on specific Undo / Redo
  • (v2.6.0) Missing node categories and edge types from the excel export
  • (v2.6.0) Workspace : create node autocomplete : pressing "Up" key does not return to input
  • (v2.6.0) Guest Mode Discrepancy between config flag and config toggle
  • (v2.6.0) LKE version in status bar
  • (v2.6.0) Radio-buttons buttons are ambiguous
  • (v2.6.0) Wrong error when passing malformed URL parameters in guest mode
  • (v2.6.0) Rename builtin group names
  • (v2.6.0) Reduce node maximum node/edge caption length
  • (v2.6.0) Make node/edge captions visible at lower zoom levels
  • (v2.6.0) Cosmos Db and Azure Search Configuration
  • (v2.6.0) Design Applying color or filter is anormally slow
  • (v2.6.0) Design Histogram: use a crosshair mouse cursor on hovering the bars
  • (v2.6.0) Link in public viz modal is always hidden
  • (v2.6.0) Automatically optimize label legibility over certain palette colors
  • (v2.6.0) Selection notifications improvement
  • (v2.6.0) Wait a delay before making a search request
  • (v2.6.0) Query In query-modal, move main tabs out of scroll
  • (v2.6.0) Workspace "Save as" popup cuts folder names very short
  • (v2.6.0) Refresh nodes and edges returned by an API
  • (v2.6.0) WORKSPACE Change the way mutual edges are fetched
  • (v2.6.0) WORKSPACE Improve edge-type autocomplete in "Create new edge" modal
  • (v2.6.0) Workspace: disable item edition/deletion based on edit-right

Bugs fixes (81)

  • (v2.6.4) workspace advanced search checkbox are unreachable
  • (v2.6.4) Randomly can't expand nodes, it says the selection contains supernodes
  • (v2.6.4) Expand modal: cannot interact with form
  • (v2.6.4) Fix exports
  • (v2.6.3) Possible fuzziness issue in highlighter
  • (v2.6.3) Edge selection : dotted edge thickness increases when selected
  • (v2.6.3) Context menu height with too much items
  • (v2.6.3) Widget: Edges are not colored on published visualization
  • (v2.6.3) Running a faulty raw query from the editor multiple times result in no error shown
  • (v2.6.3) Advanced search Pressing Esc does not close a filter popin
  • (v2.6.3) Advanced search Truncate category names, property keys and property values
  • (v2.6.3) Advanced search Change "Add all" button to "Add selected" when at least one match has been selected
  • (v2.6.3) Issue when trying to retrieve a caption from heuristic
  • (v2.6.3) Node icons not changing color automatically when node background changes
  • (v2.6.3) Dashboard: Search never rely on user caption schema to generate item captions
  • (v2.6.3) Wrong expansion when double-clicking with multi selection
  • (v2.6.3) Workspace Right click does not work
  • (v2.6.3) Fix "add all" button in advanced search
  • (v2.6.1) workspace: Clicking multiple time on "save" to create a node will create multiple nodes
  • (v2.6.1) Filter panel : Dragging a numerical/Time bound selects text
  • (v2.6.1) Workspace : Duplicate a visualization not redirect to the new viz
  • (v2.6.1) Error when publishing a widget
  • (v2.6.1) Error when exporting to PNG
  • (v2.6.1) Error message in query editor
  • (v2.6.1) Broken node degree on create edge
  • (v2.6.1) Geo mode button disappears after applying a filter
  • (v2.6.1) Can't select property values of a node in a match (alerts)
  • (v2.6.1) Backport #1548 (default reject guest mode)
  • (v2.6.1) Filter panel : Unable to filter values for a parameter with a lower bound
  • (v2.6.1) Filter Panel : Filtering on a "date" type parameter value sets it to "numerical"
  • (v2.6.1) Filter Panel : Clicking on a parameter value hides it
  • (v2.6.1) Error message when expand query is slow
  • (v2.6.1) Fix the meaning of fuzziness
  • (v2.6.1) Group/view group title is inconsistant in sub-header
  • (v2.6.1) Widget Legend is broken when custom icons are used
  • (v2.6.1) Workspace Creating a new node category or edge type should refresh the schema
  • (v2.6.1) Workspace Missing browser confirmation when leaving a sandbox
  • (v2.6.0) Workspace**Firefox Filtered expand from left menu does not work
  • (v2.6.0) Don't show shortest path if data-source don't support it
  • (v2.6.0) DSE doesn't show Elasticsearch among the Index DAOs
  • (v2.6.0) Disable search on edges based on feature skipEdgeIndexation
  • (v2.6.0) JG : Error when running a heavy shortest path query
  • (v2.6.0) Glitch in the font in the message: Ops, couldn't connect to the server
  • (v2.6.0) On update config value, the need restart flag is not checked
  • (v2.6.0) Edge Input text in Share and Publish modal is unreadable
  • (v2.6.0) Left Panel is not cleared when opening a viz in case of forced log out
  • (v2.6.0) IE11 multistep modal progress bar is broken
  • (v2.6.0) Error when escaping match view during expand
  • (v2.6.0) Error when removing property "lat" of a node with a "latitude" property
  • (v2.6.0) Image URL in property: only display the image if the URL starts with http/https
  • (v2.6.0) Configured default fuzziness is ignored
  • (v2.6.0) Config: message to use publicHttpPort is incorrect
  • (v2.6.0) Too many API requests during indexation
  • (v2.6.0) Can't save an alert with a Read Edit and Delete user
  • (v2.6.0) SVG export broken
  • (v2.6.0) Console message "Angular is running in development mode"
  • (v2.6.0) Widget doesn't show button and legend
  • (v2.6.0) Access rights : "Cannot run queries" has illogical UX
  • (v2.6.0) Guest Mode populate=pattern not working
  • (v2.6.0) Edit user Weird state when removing the group
  • (v2.6.0) Guest mode Should not be able to display edition options
  • (v2.6.0) Custom Group creation Menu popin does not disappear
  • (v2.6.0) Guest mode Unwanted redirection when guest mode off
  • (v2.6.0) Match export as PNG has bad margin
  • (v2.6.0) Internal error while setting a caption
  • (v2.6.0) Internal error in match preview
  • (v2.6.0) Modifying any data-source configuration removes the manual source key
  • (v2.6.0) Moving the map in Geo mode misplaces nodes
  • (v2.6.0) Alternative ids is missing when saving a visualization
  • (v2.6.0) The right panel is broken
  • (v2.6.0) On the data-source page getSimpleSchema API is called twice
  • (v2.6.0) Opening a match fails during layout
  • (v2.6.0) Trackpad scroll is too fast on Safari
  • (v2.6.0) Ogma configuration not applied on published widget
  • (v2.6.0) Alert typo on the alert creation page
  • (v2.6.0) Changing layers will break geo mode
  • (v2.6.0) Browser search is opened when using LKE shortcut CTRL+E
  • (v2.6.0) Type is not updated for edit/create property keys
  • (v2.6.0) Trying to select nodes while everything is selected will show an incorrect message
  • (v2.6.0) Caption is cropped in PNG export
  • (v2.6.0) geo mode nodes are super small when entering on a visualization in geo mode

Server changes

New features (7)

  • (v2.6.3) Add support for Neo4j Search 3.5
  • (v2.6.0) Add an API endpoint to list a folder in customFiles
  • (v2.6.0) Support DSE Graph 6.0
  • (v2.6.0) Search API changes for new search UX
  • (v2.6.0) Create an Azure CosmosDB DAO
  • (v2.6.0) Rework how mutual edges are fetched
  • (v2.6.0) Alerts support for Gremlin

Enhancements (41)

  • (v2.6.4) Support elasticsearch 6
  • (v2.6.3) Add support for simple server plugins.
  • (v2.6.3) Anonymise analytics/telemetry data
  • (v2.6.3) Retry connecting to the SQL DB in case of failure
  • (v2.6.3) Disable Neo4jSearch for Neo4j 3.4
  • (v2.6.1) Remove the slice query logic from getNodesById and getEdgesById in Cypher
  • (v2.6.1) Explicit cache policy for gremlin queries
  • (v2.6.1) Schema frozen, allow to change schema on creation and update (forbid only item deletion)
  • (v2.6.1) Maintaining the order of nodes and edges in getNodesByID/getEdgesByID should be a responsibility of the DataService
  • (v2.6.1) Simplify Driver.$getAdjacentNodes by avoiding to check for missing source nodes
  • (v2.6.1) Support advanced lucene queries in SolrUnmanaged driver
  • (v2.6.1) Refactor test post API changes of 2.6
  • (v2.6.1) Improve performance of fetch mutual edges (avoid to fetch edges between supernodes)
  • (v2.6.1) Add simplifiedSearch index DAO option to generate faster ES queries
  • (v2.6.1) JanusGraph 0.3: Support dynamic graphs and graphs defined in gremlin-server.yaml
  • (v2.6.1) Gremlin: use a traversal to compute the digest
  • (v2.6.1) Migrate configuration in config service (if not migrated yet)
  • (v2.6.0) Ensure options.edgesTo to be on the cheap side of get mutual edges
  • (v2.6.0) Push changelog to documentation when releasing
  • (v2.6.0) Push the version repository only if the prerelease tag is false
  • (v2.6.0) Use cosmos DB with ES by setting scriptEvaluationTimeout to an high value
  • (v2.6.0) Add icons folder to customFiles
  • (v2.6.0) update guestPreferences to 2.6
  • (v2.6.0) remove all UserPreferences other than pinOnDrag
  • (v2.6.0) update values for node and edge maxLineLength and minVisibleSize on Ogma configuration
  • (v2.6.0) Allow for multiple external default group ids
  • (v2.6.0) Pass the ogma configuration along with the widget data
  • (v2.6.0) Create a gremlin server session pool
  • (v2.6.0) Use streams to enforce the raw query limit for cypher and gremlin
  • (v2.6.0) Add with_access to schema APIs
  • (v2.6.0) Remove inferred types from the schema API
  • (v2.6.0) Remove references to LKS
  • (v2.6.0) Migrate to TypeScript
  • (v2.6.0) Detect supernodes in Stardog
  • (v2.6.0) Detect supernodes in JanusGraph
  • (v2.6.0) Prevent HTTP proxies from agressively caching responses
  • (v2.6.0) Modify feature canIndexEdges in JanusGraphSearch and AzureSearch depending on the index options
  • (v2.6.0) Escape the "templateData" assigned to a query template (in a generic way)
  • (v2.6.0) Stream RawQuery results in Gremlin for scalability
  • (v2.6.0) Split nodes and edges in API results
  • (v2.6.0) Prevent visualization data-loss due access-rights

Bugs fixes (28)

  • (v2.6.4) Can't update a widget and remove a password
  • (v2.6.3) Linkurious crashes if Neo4j query returns an error for specific queries
  • (v2.6.3) Matches disappear the day after the alert is executed if the frequency is weekly
  • (v2.6.1) Fix getNodeDiscreteDegree of the GremlinDriver
  • (v2.6.1) Fix the meaning of fuzziness
  • (v2.6.1) Sparql pattern queries produces nodes with duplicate categories
  • (v2.6.1) Should fail when using ES 6.0+
  • (v2.6.1) Fuzziness in ES is computed on the whole searchString instead of each single token
  • (v2.6.1) Indexation in ES fails if Neo4j contains node with property with type "Point"
  • (v2.6.1) DuplicateVisualization has visualization.create permission but return the visualization
  • (v2.6.0) I can execute write queries when "dataEdition" is set to false in LKE admin config
  • (v2.6.0) Tolerate undefined maxMatches and matchesTTL when creating/updating an alert
  • (v2.6.0) valcheck 'fs' and 'path' are required to build with TS 3.1.3
  • (v2.6.0) SAML2: make identityProviderCertificate relative to data folder
  • (v2.6.0) Connecting to JG 0.3 crashes the LK Server
  • (v2.6.0) Neo4jHTTPConnector._getQueryKeys makes write queries run twice
  • (v2.6.0) Saving a viz with styles applied to an array fails
  • (v2.6.0) ES_HEAP_SIZE value is too high
  • (v2.6.0) Access right is not applied on search results when the user has no readable types
  • (v2.6.0) Improve SPARQL expand performance for large datasets
  • (v2.6.0) Request a reboot if advanced.extraCertificateAuthorities is modified
  • (v2.6.0) A space in Linkurious directory on windows will prevent Linkurious to start
  • (v2.6.0) Avoid caching index.html to disallow frontend main.js to be retrieved from cache
  • (v2.6.0) Filtered search by node category doesn't work if the user has limited access-rights
  • (v2.6.0) Handle a missing version in the configuration on update
  • (v2.6.0) Some raw query requests results in unhandled exceptions in Gremlin
  • (v2.6.0) JanusSearch is not updated after changing a properties from LKE
  • (v2.6.0) Node with property "_id" (ES metadata properties) will fail indexation

API Changes (6)

  • (v2.6.1) /api/:dataSource/visualizations/:id/duplicate now returns the ID of the new visualization copy, instead of a full visualization.
  • (v2.6.0) GET /api/:dataSource/graph/schema/nodeTypes and GET /api/:dataSource/graph/schema/edgeTypes response body has changed to accomodate the accessibility of a given node/edge type by the user invoking the API. New response body:
type AccessLevel = "readable" | "editable" | "writable";
interface SchemaResult {
  // access-level for any category/type (for write-all and admins)
  any: {
    access: AccessLevel;
  // access-level for specific categories/types
  results: Array<{
    name: string;
    access: AccessLevel;
    count?: number;
    properties?: Array<{
  • (v2.6.0) The new API GET /api/customFiles is introduced.
  • (v2.6.0) The search API no longer returns result highlighted and grouped per category. While the input is unchanged, the output of GET /api/:dataSource/search/:type is an object in the following format:
  "type": "node" | "edge",
  "totalHits": number,
  "results": Node[] | Edge[]
  • (v2.6.0) The following API have changed the way the output is returned:
  • Expand API
  • Search APIs
  • Run query API
  • Get node or edge APIs

The output, where before was in the format:

    "nodes": Array<{..., edges: Edge[], ...}>

Now it's in the format:

    "nodes": Node[],
    "edges": Edge[]

The edges are no longer contained in each node. To retrieve the nodes from the edges, it's necessary to look at the source and target property of the edge that contain the IDs of the nodes.

  • (v2.6.0) The following APIs have now the possibility to fetch edges between the result of the API and a list of node ids.
  • Expand API
  • Search API
  • Get node and edge API
  • Execute query API

A new option "edgesTo", has been added to the APIs to allow to specify the list of node ids to fetch the edges towards to. The same option was available only in the Expand API and was called "visibleNodeIds", now not available anymore.

REST API documentation

For more details about the API changes, please refer to the updated REST API documentation.