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Manipulating the graph: Select nodes and edges

The easiest way to select a node or an edge is to simply click on it. It is also possible to select multiple nodes at once.

To do it, choose Select in the information panel on the left.

You now have a few options :

  • Select all nodes: select all the nodes in your current visualization ;
  • Select neighbors: select the neighbors of your currently select node ;
  • Select leaf nodes: select the nodes in your visualization that have only one edge ;
  • Select isolates: select the nodes in your visualization that have no edges ;
  • Select all edges: select all the edges in your current visualization ;
  • Toggle lasso: select manually the nodes we are interested in ;
  • Select all edges
  • Inverse selection : invert your current selection.

Shortcuts are also available for this actions. See the list of Workspace shortcuts.