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Search: Search edges

We may have millions of edges in our graph. What if we want to look at a specific edge?

The first possibility is to use the Quick Search bar available on the Dashboard, where we can either choose to look at nodes or edges (red box). Here we look at edges:

The second possibility is to use the search bar in the Linkurious Enterprise interface once we have created a New Visualization.

By default the finder opens on finding nodes. To search an edge, we click on the Edges tab.

The search for edges works exactly like the search for nodes.

We simply type what we are looking for. We see the list of suggestions that match our search.

In the search result, we can see that there is a edge that has the value 1925000 for the property raised_amount_usd.

We choose the result we are interested in by clicking on it. It is immediately added to the workspace where we can visualize it.