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Search: Advanced search

You are looking for a specific node or edge and the search bar gives you too many results? The text you are searching is too common! You may want to narrow you search by searching on multiple properties.

Searching a startup that has the text facebook on any of his properties gives us 88 matches. Let's try to narrow it down.

We click on the Advanced icon, a new menu appears:

We can see the name of the different categories (city, company, investor and market) in our database and their occurrences. We hit Options to see the name of the different properties in our graph.

In our graph, Facebook is categorized as a Company. We are going to select Company to restrict our search to the nodes to the companies.

We can now see the different results.

the company label

In our graph, a Company can have properties like category, country, first_funding_at or founded_at and more. Not all the nodes categorised as a Company will have all the properties though.

In order to narrow down our results, we are going to search on multiple properties at once. To find Facebook, we are going to look for a company that uses "" as its homepage url.

Now when we type facebook, the results are filtered to show only the nodes that have the category Company and the value for the property homepage_url.

We can see that the results are now filtered. We can now select the result we are interested in.

The same approach can be applied to the search of edges.

Linkurious Enterprise will look for exact matches for the values you enter in the search options menu.