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Geography: Display a geographic map

The Geo mode switch is available on the left panel of the Workspace. We can enable and disable the geo mode at will to switch between the standard "network" view and the geographic view.

Click on it to display the geographical map. Nodes are positioned on the map according to their geographic coordinates. Other nodes are hidden by the "geo coordinates" filter.

We can zoom in and out, drag nodes on the map to improve readability, select nodes and edges, etc. We can always reset the node coordinates to their original location via the actions menu:

Hover the layer icon on the bottom-right of the Workspace with your mouse. The list of available layers is displayed. We can pick another base-map and add overlays, depending on those available on your instance of Linkurious Enterprise as seen below using the Mapbox provider:

Finally, we can publish an interactive widget from Workspace menu > Publish with the geographical layers.