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Filters: Filtering edges by property

We have seen it is possible to use filters to select or remove specific nodes in our visualization according to a property. It is possible to do the same thing with edges.

In the graph below we see the connections of "Grabit". Each edge represents an investment in a start-up. But what kind of investment?

We can open up the design panel to investigate. Let's select Edges on the bottom right corner. We can see the different properties attached to the edges in our dataset. We are going to focus on the funded_at. Let's click on it.

We want to view only the funded_at with the 03/06/2014 code. Let's check the checkbox to keep only 03/06/2014 and click on Filter.

The edges with the 03/06/2014 funded_at are displayed. The other funded_at values are removed from the visualization and a filter symbol is added on the bottom right corner.