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Edit data: Create nodes and edges

On the more options panel, we can choose to create either a node or an edge.

Create a node

We enter a value for the Categorieshere Investor and hit add.

Then for each property we can fill the corresponding value. When it is done, we click on the Save button.

Here we entered the value Paris for the City property, the value France for the Country property and the value NewInvestor for the Name property.

We can see the node created NewInvestor added to our graph.

Create an edge

We have to provide the following information :

  • Type: the type of edge;
  • Source: the source of the edge;
  • Target: the destination of the edge.

Like for the nodes, we can add as many properties as we want to the edge. When we are done, we click on the Save button.

Here we entered the value NewInvestor for the Source, the value INVESTED_IN for the Type property and the value Twitter for the Target and finally 2015 for the funded_year property.

Finally, we can see in our graph our new node and our new edge:

It is also possible to create a new edge between two nodes by selecting those two nodes, right-clicking on the visualization background to display the context menu, then choose Create a new edge. The source and target nodes will be filled.