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Style: Edges color

Coloring the edges works exactly the same than coloring nodes as presented previously.

If all your edges have the same color, it is difficult to distinguish differences between them without looking at their individual properties. A great way to circumvent that issue is to choose to color the edges according to a certain property.

First of all, let's open the design panel on the right corner of the screen and hit the Design tab. We can see all edge properties. We click on the edges tab on the bottom.

We click on the color button along property type to color edges by this property.

We see:

  • The different values associated with the type property (INVESTED_IN, ACQUIRED, HAS_CITY and HAS MARKET)
  • How many occurrences of each value there is (there are 39 edges with the value INVESTED_IN);
  • Which color is associated to which value (ACQUIRED is blue)

To color the edges according to another property, we first unset colors by clicking on the same color button.

Then, we can click on the color button of another property.