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Getting started: Use the API key

Let's see how to use an API key to access a given resource with an example. We will try to access the GET /graph/schema/nodeTypes/properties API. To do so, we require an API key that has the schema access-right.

For convenience we will use the API key 9010f8661274cb8b1913f970bcd46bdc that already can act on behalf of the user

To authenticate via API key, you need to use HTTP basic access authentication. So, for example, if your application wants to act on behalf of the user and it uses the API key 9010f8661274cb8b1913f970bcd46bdc:

  • Add the Authentication HTTP header field to each HTTP request you want to be authenticated
  • As a value of the Authentication field, you need to provide a string composed by:
    • Basic <encodeBase64('<e-mail>:<API_key>')>

In alternative, many libraries, like request, offers facilities to use HTTP basic access authentication: