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Access control: SSO with Google

Linkurious Enterprise supports Google Suite (a.k.a. Google Apps) as an external authentication provider (with Single Sign-On).

Since Google Suite implements the OpenID Connect standard, it can be configured as an OpenID Connect provider.


To set up Linkurious Enterprise authentication with Google Suite, follow these steps:

  1. Create the credentials on your Google Developers console.
  2. From the portal, obtain the following parameters:
    • authorizationURL, e.g.
    • tokenURL, e.g.
    • clientID, e.g.
    • clientSecret, e.g. E09dQxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxSN
  3. Add or edit the existing oauth2 section inside the access section in linkurious/data/config/production.json

To limit the access to the Google accounts from your Google Suite domain, use the hd query parameter in the authorizationURL with your domain as value.

Example access.oauth2 configuration with Google Suite:

"access": {
  // [...] 
  "oauth2": {
    "enabled": true,
    "provider": "openidconnect",
    "authorizationURL": "",
    "tokenURL": "",
    "clientID": "",