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Neo4j-to-elasticsearch is a Neo4j plugin that allows for automatic synchronization between Neo4j and Elasticsearch. This means that all changes to Neo4j are automatically propagated to Elasticsearch.

Resources for supported versions of neo4j-to-elasticsearch

Install neo4j-to-elasticsearch

Follow these steps to use install this Neo4j plugin:

  1. Download the GraphAware framework JAR
    • Choose a version A.B.C.x where A.B.C matches your Neo4j version and x is 44 or later
  2. Download the neo4j-to-elasticsearch JAR
    • Choose a version A.B.C.x.y where A.B.C matches your Neo4j version and x.y is 44.8 or later
  3. Copy graphaware-server-community-all-A.B.C.x.jar and graphaware-neo4j-to-elasticsearch-A.B.C.x.y.jar to your neo4j/plugins directory
  4. Edit the Neo4 configuration at neo4j/conf/neo4j.conf and add the following lines at the beginning of the file:
    # Set "relationship" to "(false)" to disable relationships (edges) indexation. 
    # Disabling relationship indexation is recommended if you have a lot of relationships and don't need to search them. 
  5. Restart Neo4j
  6. Once Neo4j has finished indexing the data, remove the following line (and only this line) from neo4j/conf/neo4j.conf:

Note regarding initializeUntil

This is used to trigger the indexation of existing Neo4j data in Elasticsearch.

The way it is supposed to be used is the following: com.graphaware.module.ES.initializeUntil must be set to a number slightly higher than a Java call to System.currentTimeInMillis() would return when the module is starting. This way, the database will be (re-)indexed once, not with every following restart.

In other words, re-indexing will happen if System.currentTimeInMillis() < com.graphaware.module.ES.initializeUntil.

Integrate with Linkurious

Once the neo4j-to-elasticsearch plugin is installed, you need to change the data-source configuration to use the neo2es vendor.

You can either use the Web user-interface or edit the configuration file located at linkurious/data/config/production.json to set the index.vendor property to the value neo2es.