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Search index: AllegroGraph

AllegroGraph supports search with the elasticSearch, elasticSearch2 and allegroGraphSearch connectors.

See details on how to configure ElasticSearch with Linkurious.

The allegroGraphSearch connector is strongly recommended for graphs with more than 1'000'000 triples.

AllegroGraph search integration

Linkurious can search for nodes directly on the free-text indices managed by AllegroGraph itself. To do so, you have to configure the vendor property under index to the value "allegroGraphSearch" and configure AllegroGraph accordingly to have a free-text index.

If you already have a free-text index, skip the next step.

Create a free-text index in AllegroGraph

  1. Go to the repository page on AllegroGraph WebView (by default at
  2. Press Manage free-text indices
  3. Create a new free-text index, the name is irrelevant
  4. The default options for the newly created index should be enough. You must ensure that "Objects" under Fields to index is highlighted.

Integrate with Linkurious

Set the dataSources.index.vendor key to allegroGraphSearch in the configuration (linkurious/data/config/production.json):

  "dataSources": [
      "graph": {
        "vendor": "allegroGraph",
        "url": "",
        "repository": "MY_REPOSITORY"
      "index": {
        "vendor": "allegroGraphSearch"

Restart Linkurious after saving the configuration.