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Configuring data-sources: Merging data-sources

We recommend using a manual sourceKey if you need to re-generate a database with existing user data (visualizations etc.), or when the hostname and port number of your data-source are likely to change after the first connection to Linkurious Enterprise.

Alternatively, you have the possibility to merge the data-sources directly from the data-source management page with the following steps:

1. Open the data-source management page.

From the dashboard, go to the Admin > Data-sources management menu

2. Select the old data-source to be removed.

The data-source to be removed should be the old data-source now marked as offline because it has been replaced with the freshly generated data-source.

3. Select the new data-source to be updated.

On the resulting modal, select the new data-source then click on the merge button.

This action will irreversibly remove any data associated with the old data-source.

As a result, the following objects from the old data-source will be merged in the new data-source:

  • Visualizations
  • Alerts
  • Graph Queries
  • Custom Actions
  • Custom groups

For security reasons existing custom groups will be merged with none of the access rights from the old data-source. You will need to manually re-assign access rights to those groups after the merge.

The following objects will be ignored and removed:

  • Builtin groups
  • Schema configuration
  • Data-source configuration