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Search index: JanusGraph

The janusGraphSearch connector is the recommended solution for full-text search for graphs with more than 100,000 nodes and edges.

JanusGraph search integration

Linkurious can use the builtin search indices managed by JanusGraph itself. You can either use the Web user-interface or edit the configuration file located at linkurious/data/config/production.json to set the index.vendor property to the value janusGraphSearch.

See the JanusGraph documentation to learn more.

If you already have a search index in JanusGraph, the following step is not required.

Create a search index in JanusGraph

Please refer to the JanusGraph documentation on how to create mixed indices.

First, ensure that the property keys to index are of the String data type:

> name = mgmt.makePropertyKey('name').dataType(String.class).make()

Follow these steps to use JanusGraph Search and integrate it with Linkurious:

  1. Connect via gremlin to JanusGraph
  2. Execute this command:
mgmt.buildIndex('searchIndexName', Vertex.class)
.addKey(property1, Mapping.TEXTSTRING.asParameter())
.addKey(property2, Mapping.TEXTSTRING.asParameter())
.addKey(property3, Mapping.TEXTSTRING.asParameter())

Every property key that you want to index has to appear in this command. You can add as many properties as you want. We recommend to index only what you actually need to.