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Alerts: Managing alerts

Alerts are currently only supported on Neo4j databases.

Creating a new alert

To create an Alert, open the Admin > Alerts menu and click add: create an alert

Alert settings are:

  • Name: A nome for the alert your are creating (e.g. highly funded french companies)
  • Query: A graph pattern query. e.g.:
    MATCH (company:COMPANY)<-[investment:INVESTED_IN]-(investor)
      sum(investment.raised_amount_usdas totalRaisedAmount,
      collect(investor) as investors,
      collect(investment) as investments,
    WHERE totalRaisedAmount > 10000000
    RETURN company, investments, investors, totalRaisedAmount
    This query will match all companies that have raised more than $10'000'000 and return a match for each company with all its investors.
  • Score column Result column that will be used to sort results (e.g. totalRaisedAmount to sort companies by the total raised amount)
  • Sort direction (e.g. Descending to show highly funded companies first)
  • Frequency: Frequency at which the query will be re-run to refresh matches (e.g. Hourly, every 5 hours)
  • Match TTL (default: 30 days): The time to live of a match in days, i.e. how long a non-confirmed match is kept before being deleted (e.g. 1 day)
  • Maximum matches (default: 5000 matches): The maximum number of matches to keep for a given alert (e.g. 5'000 matches)
  • Maximum runtime (default: 600000 ms, 10 minutes): The maximum runtime of the alert query, in milliseconds (e.g. 60'000 milliseconds)

When done, click Save and enable to run the query right away.

Disabling an alert

If you want to prevent an alert from running and hide it from users, you can disabled it from the administrator user interface (Disable button on each alert).

Keep in mind that deleting an alert will delete all it existing matches.