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Access control: Enabling authentication

We strongly advise you to enable user authentication to secure the access to your data once Linkurious is deployed on a server. This will allow you to enforce the limit of authenticated users with regards to your license terms.

By default, user authentication is disabled and all actions are performed under the special account named "Unique User". The unique user has unrestricted access and does not require a password, so anyone can access the platform.

Before enabling user authentication we must create an administrator account.

You need to create an administrator account before enabling authentication, otherwise you will not be able to log in.

Let's create an administrator account. Select the Users from the Admin menu of the navigation bar. Once the user management dashboard is displayed, click on the Add button next to "No Users".

The user creation form appears: user creation form

Fill in all the fields and especially add the admin group in the groups field to grant administration rights to the new user. When done, click Save.

Once you have create the first administrator, you can enable user authentication. Edit the configuration file (linkurious/data/config/production.json) and set the authRequired key to true (see how to configure access). Restart Linkurious. User authentication is now enabled. Reload the user interface of the Web application to display the login screen.

login screen