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Configuring data-sources: Stardog

Stardog is supported since versions 5.0.0.


To edit the Stardog data-source configuration, you can either use the Web user-interface or edit the configuration file located at linkurious/data/config/production.json.

Example configuration:

  "dataSources": [
      "graphdb": {
        "vendor": "stardog",
        "url": "",
        "repository": "myGraph"
      "index": {
        "vendor": "stardogSearch"

Supported graphdb options for Stardog:

  • url (required): URL of the Stardog server
  • repository (required): Name of the repository to use
  • user (optional): Stardog user
  • password (optional): Stardog password
  • namespace (optional, default Namespace to use by default
  • idPropertyName (optional): Name of the virtual node property containing the node URI
  • categoryPredicate (optional, default rdf:type): Predicate used to extract node categories
  • latitudeProperty (optional): Name of the node property to use for latitude (used in geo mode)
  • longitudeProperty (optional): Name of the node property to use for longitude (used in geo mode)
  • allowSelfSigned (optional, default false): Whether to allow self-signed certificates

Search with Stardog

In order to have full-text search, it's required to configure a search index in Stardog.