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Linkurious administration manual

Welcome to the Linkurious administrator documentation. This documentation will help you install, run and customize Linkurious.

Architecture overview

Linkurious is a three-tier application. The presentation layer is a Web application. It uses our graph visualization library, called Ogma, to allow rich interactions with the graph. It also provides a user interface to enable collaboration among end users and data administration.

The presentation layer communicates with the logic layer via a JSON-based REST API. Custom presentation layer application can be developed on top of the logic layer.

The logic layer is a NodeJS-based server. It provides a unified REST API to read, write and search into graph databases from multiple vendors (Neo4j, DataStax, and AllegroGraph). It implements also a security layer with modular authentication that enables role-based access control policies. It can be connected to multiple graph databases at the same time and offers high-level APIs for collaborative exploration of graphs: users can create, share and publish graph visualizations, and multiple users can edit graph data.

Administrators can control it from its REST API for easy automation and deployment. Multiple external authentication providers are supported (LDAP, Active Directory, Windows Azure Active Directory, Google Suite).

The data layer supports several graph databases, as well as indexation engines.

architecture overview